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They are unable to farm the land because of the cost of seed and plowing.

An unreliable water supply results in dehydration and disease.

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The girls here just don’t have a stellar reputation among travelers living and visiting Central America. The women in Nicaragua just aren’t as attractive as women in other Latin American countries.

They’re not Bolivian ugly, but you’re bound to be disappointed if you’ve recently been in a place like Colombia or Brazil.

Plus, the country is a bit behind the times with regards to gym culture, and there’s no plastic surgery to be had.

Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, is also the second poorest country (after Haiti) in the Western Hemisphere.

About 80% of its 6 million people live in poverty, and more than half of those are extremely poor – meaning they don’t know if they’ll eat today.

The government claims that the inflation rate from 1993-2014 averaged 9.6% but other reliable organizations say it was closer to 20-25%. A dozen eggs cost .43, a gallon of gasoline averages .00 and the cost of a head of lettuce is .49.

While the Nicaraguan government offers free public education to all, there is no available means of transporting children to the schools.

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With all the negatives around, most guys give the country a skip for women and stick to tourism.

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