Dating in the international church of christ

Paradoxically, the scattered condition of the church, when properly evaluated, actually may improve prospects for an appropriate mate.

During my second sermon at the Feast this year I made a statement that several young people and even some of the older singles misunderstood.

In turn he would then treat them like a father would treat a son or a daughter, with the same kind of affection and respect and honor that would happen in a normal good family relationship. He launches into this exhortation—"not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers—with this idea: "Look, I've got something hard to say to you, but I'm being entirely open with you and I'm treating you with the love that you deserve, and I want you to treat me with the same respect and love by accepting my advice and my instruction." He showed his love for them by giving them the hard truth, and he wanted them to return or respond with the same love by accepting it and listening to what he said, just as our fathers would give us the advice we need whether we wanted it or not.

If we truly were showing love, then we would take it for what it was worth, and respect it by doing it.

We have to remember that we are talking about the Corinthians here.

This is not the normal way it should be done, but it happens every once in a while.

If God is working, if God is calling that person, He finds a way to bring him into His church, but always the point is conversion.

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