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Canine owners and enthusiasts will love you differently than just any girl.

Dogs teach us about who we are and how we interact with others, including in relationships.Being around dogs, or even just dog-related things, is going to make a lot of small moments much happier.Better yet, you can share them with your girl, who will be soaking up every second of pure doggie happiness.But if you’re dating a dog lover you know that video of a dog on a skateboard is going to put a smile on your ladies face. At least you don’t crap on the carpet…wait you don’t, do you? If someone has been able to show that level of commitment and that unquestionable loyalty to her pet chances are that’s going to ring true for her relationship with you as well.And unless you are a cat person (in which case leave and never return! Like I said to you this is an overwhelmingly abundant quality in dogs. Okay, yeah it’s fair to say her dog is going to take up some of her time.

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