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There is some evidence of what may be an old pinned repair, see photos 5, and 6.

However there is no crack into the bore, and also no observable crack to the wood surface, so this just could be surface marks to the wood. Back then this was the finest professional instrument Buffet made, with unstained, matched wood.

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Jean Louis Buffet was already making musical instruments as early as the 1840's. If you come across an "F" preceding the serial number of an R13, this indicates that the instrument has been built to an A442 - A444 and is intended for use by European ensembles.

The R13 was designed by Robert Carree, the head acoustician for Buffet (c. This may have been the first intentional use of the so-called "poly-cylindrical" bore design of the Buffet clarinet.

A pair of superb Boehm system clarinets made by the last maker of the legendary Albert family.It became the prototype for all future Buffet clarinet designs from that point onward.As a result, it may be safely assumed that anything from #61,000 was manufacturered with this design in mind.Buffet are currently attempting to recreate this Gold standard of manufacture in their current "Vintage R13" range please go to more details.This instrument will not disappoint; the quality of scale and intonation are everything one has come to expect from this period of careful hand manufacture.

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The instrument has been down to our workshop for a service, all white leather pads are either new, or in excellent condition, and corks are good.

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