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The concept of the candid photograph didn't really exist yet, and people's only basis for a formal image of themselves stemmed from paintings, where there was no smiling or moving around.

So the idea of this as a formal portrait carried over into photography until the advent of the candid photograph.

Props used in Victorian and Edwardian photographs vary greatly, often being a chair, a sideboard, a toy or even a chaise longue.

Many that can be dated and analysed fall into the mid-late Victorian and Edwardian eras and can help you determine who the person in the photograph relates to.

Photographs are researched by working with the format or type of mount, the type of photograph, the props in the photograph, the fashions people are wearing and the hairstyles of the men and women.

A detailed analysis can be made often suggesting a special occasion such as a marriage, engagement, christening or even a death in the family whereby the person may be wearing mourning dress.

It's probably due to the fact that until about 1885 or 1900 at the latest, photography was not affordable to the masses and the processing could be complex.

Therefore, the industry was very much controlled by professional photographers and that meant that getting one's photograph taken was a formal event.

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