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The email discussions took place late last year and in 2013, however, some plans for the film may have changed since then.

The film, as detailed in the emails, would be a mixture of animation and live-action.

Unlike the older review above, I find it not heavily moralistic at all just like one of the old aesops fables - Peter...

More I know this is regarded as a classic and I may cause offence to those who remember it fondly but it is so dated for todays young children.

“We aim to introduce a whole new generation to the wit and magic of Beatrix Potter’s world.” Yet despite the modern-day references, animators have stayed close to the author’s original illustrations when drawing the characters, steering clear of the garish colours used in many modern cartoons.

They also visited Potter’s Lake District home and took 4,000 photographs of the surrounding landscape, which they used to create the backdrop to the animation.

One of the world’s greatest children’s writers and illustrators, Beatrix Potter created some of the most recognisable characters in English literature, including Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck and Benjamin Bunny.

Today Beatrix Potter's original twenty-three tales are still published by Frederick Warne, alongside a wide range of other formats including baby books, sound books, christening gifts and more.

Peter might be a cunning little rabbit but he finds that there is more waiting for him in the garden than he bargained for.It proved a hit and a follow-up is due out for Christmas 2013.Dow said she believed Potter, who died in 1943, would have approved of the huge industry that his grown up around her characters.The antagonists of the film would be the human Mc Gregor family.Sony's emails say the company was able to "make a deal" for the film back in November 2013.

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