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“As soon as we found out, [Huerta] was immediately asked to leave the band. — 33-year-old pop-punk frontman Danny Huerta has reportedly been cast out of the scene he helped build after he was outed late last week as dating a woman his own age, multiple sources confirmed. other than that me and the rest of the guys are absolutely shocked,” said Sloth Love Chunk bandmate, guitarist Jerry Klein.The promoter comes over, who is also in one of the bands playing the show. Over the past 15 years of going to shows I’ve had fights, I’ve been groped, I’ve got scars earned in mosh pits, and I’ve fallen face down on wooden floors. ” I’m flustered and confused and fall ungracefully over my words.Like me, they are also having their credibility questioned, being sidelined as the voiceless subjects of songs, and being indirectly told that the music they are so deeply passionate about is selected based on who they are sleeping with, or want to sleep with. I can allow myself to not like things I feel I ‘should’ like. I listen to infinitely more music made by women than I did ten years ago. Never apologise for an inch of space you occupy and answer to no-one. That they are always one badly curated mixtape away from knowing anything about music. It didn’t matter if I was playing Q And Not U or Girls Aloud. It wasn’t Shellac, or the Stone Roses, and I was still a woman. It is a parasitic distraction, and it takes away from everything else about you. I’m learning to stop comparing myself to other women, and viewing them as competition. Fuck it up at DIY shows and dance to pop music recklessly, wearing heels and glitter and jeans and cut up t-shirts. *** As a DJ at a successful club night I found myself up against countless men every week telling me that I wasn’t good at my job. I couldn’t gain the level of respect I so desperately wanted. Whilst playing to a packed dance floor, they would ask “Why are you playing this?

Project onto other women instead of pointing out the irony of articles calling out hardcore bands for being meatheads whilst declaring that the definitive sign of their succumbing to the mainstream is a conventionally attractive woman wearing their t-shirt at a gym.And yet, this is the most intimidated I’ve ever been at a show.A reminder that, as a woman in punk, you constantly need to defend yourself against challenges of space, ownership, and identity to justify that you’re cool enough to be standing where you are.By Kristy Diaz I’m at a punk show in the city I live in and I’m talking to one of the bands. Yes, I’m from Leicester, these guys are my friends.They’re friends of mine, and we’re chatting about the interview we did a few months ago. He goes on to motion to someone behind me and tells me not to worry, he’s not looking at my tits and having been thrown by the earlier interrogation, I tell him with regained confidence that I know, they’re not on my head, which is where he was looking.

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I had listened so much bullshit that I believed it. The narrative surrounding ‘real emo’, whilst often well-meaning and with legitimate arguments about the media persistently conflating ‘emo’ with ‘guitar music that is sad’, has perpetuated an exclusivity that has been hard to shake off.

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  1. Hispanics and Asians, on the other hand, make up 26 percent of newlyweds in metro areas and only 10 percent in non-metro areas—and they’re much more likely than white people to marry outside their ethnic groups.