Dating rogers drums serial numbers

For example, 27136 should be February (2), 1967 (7) and the 136th instrument made that month. (i.e., 1974 would be 4) Last 3 digits = number of the instrument.

A hyphenated number was embossed on the back of headstock. For example, 3-8094 would be March (3), 1978 (8) and the 94th guitar made that month. The next three digits are the model number, without the 6 at the beginning.

Unlike the pre-Fender codes, specific models are no longer designated within the serial number.This sticker, along with the "Made in Korea" sticker, went missing almost immediately — sometimes before the guitar even left the store.In addition, these guitars followed no known numbering scheme.In the beginning, Gretsch simply wrote serial numbers inside the guitar in pencil.These pencilled-in numbers often fade and become illegible, or even disappear.

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