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Serial Numbers from 1957 to 1960 Serial Numbers from 1961 to 1980 7 Digit Numbers - Correlation to Model Release and End Dates The Yashica Spares System Theory - the Impact on Serial Numbers Do These Patterns and Date Codes Exist for Other Format Yashica Models?

Serial Numbers Found - All TLR Models Location of Body Serial Numbers The working out of the date codes and serial number patterns for the TLRs and some of the non-SLRs presented here is entirely my own work.

As the “Yashica” models came into play, things became interesting with odd sequences, some earlier numbers having more digits than later ones.

That is the date of an archived post on discussing Electro 35 serial numbers where a forum member presented a crude Google translation of the date code theory he had found on a Chinese website.Two possible exceptions are from Yashima Flex to Yashica Flex B (there to continue on.However, in the latter case, production switched from one model to the other and the appearance of continuity is given by the numbers based on a date code (see below).Lens numbers began logically but there are some other oddities too.Early in the piece, the Yashica Flex B seems to have started with six digit numbers and then changed to a new series with 5 digits.

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However, the second (from the left) digit of the “A” numbers rarely is higher than “0” and never more than “1” so that there will be for example A 20xxxxx and A 21xxxxx but never A 22xxxxx, the next number being in the A 30xxxxx range.

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