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Basically, for (and if you live in New York), Smell Dating will mail you a t-shirt, which you are instructed to wear for three days and nights without using perfume or deodorant.After you've imbued it in your natural musk, you mail it back, and they send you a set of ten t-shirt swatches from 10 different potential matches.So, I stayed online instead of hazarding the real world and engaged in lengthy conversations with the guys I liked. Then one fateful dinner date proved my online dating strategy was really very wrong.My date and I had been chatting for over a month, so I felt like I knew just about everything about him. The moment we met in person, I was utterly repelled by the odor wafting off him.

That’s the reasoning behind Smell Dating, the world’s first “mail odor” dating service.“Smell is devalued in many ways in our society,” she told us. People find it both interesting and disgusting, and that’s the sweet spot for us.” I learned the hard way that my nose has veto power over who I date, and I can’t compromise on that.Smells aren’t merely superficial data — they speak to a person’s lifestyle.Scientists and psychologists have spent decades investigating the role smell plays in attraction.A 1995 study conducted at the University of Bern in Switzerland found that women preferred the smell of men who are genetically different from them.

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