Dating site ripoffs

Just like the scammer before, I was her "Love" within 2 weeks. Your Elena Doug I`ll be very happy fly to you, I talked with travel agent today again, he told me that he ready start registration documents for me!!! I originally got an initial contact at the user of Tender_Woman. They subsequently tried to explain: However these duplicate letters include the same typing discrepancies, punctuations, the same everything, it is clear they are stored on computer with lines added to personalise or answer question(s), Olenka had told me she didn't have a computer thus it can only be the agency's computer, examples: Martin, there is one more thing I wanted to write to you.I played along to see where she was going with this scam. I have a little present for you, I want to give it to you when we meet. We had very warm weather, I had very good time there! Today I have a surprise for you, I'm sending you my sexy photos. 180USD cost visa on 6 months, I`ll have student or tourist visa, 240USD cost tickets Ekaterinburg - Moscow, 700 - 750USD cost tickets Moscow - to you, I`ll have change plane. Doug I need 1400USD for my trip to you, I`m ready fly to you, my father permit me fly to you. Agent told me that if he will start registration tomorrow or aftertomorrow I`ll fly to you 1 or 2 September!!! Your Elena Doug I`m very glad that you send me moeny, now morning I`m very happy received email from you, please write me information about Western Union: You need write me sender name and transfer number. I am currently on the letter where she asks for the money for her via and a plane ticket. I would like to create a strong and happy family with my loveling man. I feel again the excitement in my blood that I thought I have forgotten already. I like our correspondence a lot, I feel that I'm getting used to your letters more and more, that is why it's important to me that you realize that I do exist, I'm real.I have not yet informed the webmaster about the scammer but intend to do so. About 2 months after completing a profile with Absolute Agency I received an e-mail from Elena Panshina. If this were the case they should have forwarded my letter to Olenka, who are they to involve themselves in the personal communications of 2 of their customers? Who are Wind of Love to decide on Olenka's behalf that I have lost her?I had a correspondence with a scammer just one month prior to this, so I was aware of her possible intentions. The name of our Airport in Ekaterinburg is Kolzovo. Let me know what do you think about our meeting, I don`t want have more correspondence with you, I want meet with you!!! They didn't translate and forward, they reacted to it, they do not just merely translate and forward, they write letters also: Dear Sir, if you have the problem with the lady, if does not mean that the agency did something wrong - we has been doing our work , people pay us for - translation and forwarding of the letters.

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