Dating stages over 50

If your Adult Interdependent Partner dies without a valid Will, you also have the right to a portion of the partner’s estate.

For more information on the Adult Interdependent Relationships, see Additional Resources. Although many people may think common law marriages and Adult Interdependent Relationships are equivalent to a legal marriage, in law they are treated differently.

If you have made a formal and valid adult interdependent partner agreement with the other person.

Two people that are related by either blood or adoption must enter into such an agreement in order to be considered adult interdependent partners. If you are not related by either blood or adoption and if you have: The significance of a relationship being recognised as an Adult Interdependent Relationship is the rights, benefits and responsibilities that you and your partner will receive under other laws.

Also, unlike when you were younger and first starting out, you may now have family members and assets to think about and protect.

Often people who are not married but who live together have less or weaker rights than those of married couples and the processes for dissolving these relationships are different from a marriage as well.

Lastly, remember that an Adult Interdependent Relationship does not have to be conjugal (sexual). If you and your partner buy something together, such as furniture or a car, you both own it.

The term living “common-law” is often used in everyday language to describe a couple that lives together, with or without children, but is not married. Under the federal Income Tax Act, you can be found to be living common-law with someone if you have lived with them for one year.

Alberta provincial law does not recognize the term “common-law”.

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