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New tubes, cast rocking grates, front door and ring. As you can see, steam tractors can vary all over the place in value from 00.00 for a yard ornament to 0,000.00 for a rare one.

Yard ornaments are only worth a fraction of the value of a restored engine.

I have tried to provide enough views of the various engines to make identifying them possible, I do have additional photos of some models on file and will gladly share them with anyone that needs more information for restoration purposes.

I have listed a range of selling prices as engines come up on e Bay to give a idea of the value of the models, however as with everything else on e Bay there are a lot of factors that come into play so take this for what it is worth.

I think that to .000.00 for a running 45 to 60 hp Case is a fair price.

If it needs work then the value can drop, if it is pristine then it should go up. George cost around 20K and cost about that again to repair.

If you have a Case steam engine and would like to show it for sale, please contact me to have it listed here. I have seen them sell for less than 00.00, and even compete ones sell for 00.00 (or less) if there is suspicion about the boiler and damaged or missing bunkers. Now add in rarity, desirability (really big or small) and provenance (history) you can see that Case steam tractors have really not risen to nearly the levels they might.

Some light surface rust, as you'd expec 45 rpm recordings of steam engines.6 total One without cover. My retirement had given me more time to pursue my interest in toy steam engines, and I soon discovered there is actually very little available online information about Weeden Manufacturing's history or its products.The goal of this site, with the generous help of so many, is to preserve the history of these marvelous little engines.Wm Allchin Ltd North Hampton Two Speed, Steel Boiler, 100 PSI working Pressure, Cast Iron Cylinder Slide Valve by Stephens Gear with pole Reverser Many other scale features, too many to list. There is simply no inherent safety problem to support a ban.51" L x 32" T x 21" W Rear Wheel Diameter 17" Nice running Case 65 engine with a good boiler, new smokebox and partial flue sheet. So buy the tractor you want now, in the future the good ones will just go higher and the bad ones will cost more to fix.

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