Dating too young

However, what if you are not old enough to handle marriage?

By dating prematurely, you are setting yourself up for a fall.

I have seen young teenagers in the streets and shopping malls kissing, walking and holding hands like grown folks. The media promotes this practice as normal via movies and reality television shows, as if it is some harmless recreation that our kids need to be doing.

I was speaking to my son who is now fifteen years old about dating, and he told me that most kids his age already had more than one love interest.

This may sound funny to a lot of you reading this, but this is the reality most parents are dealing with today.

Our pre-teens, teenagers and young adult children are dating and starting to have sex younger than our generation.

Our kids are now feeling the pressure to date at a much younger age than ever before.When a boy and a girl single each other out, and start spending time together socially, more than friendship is usually involved.Dating does not have to be in person anymore, the millennial internet chat rooms, on the phone, video chat, and emails, all these can be considered a form of dating in the social media technological age.Most young adults find themselves dealing with multiple relationship issues because they started dating young and got into a serious relationship that did not work.Some of them are still dealing with the scares and psychological trauma from these past relationships.

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