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Even though there is nothing outright shady about Top Face, it simply does not offer the results that one would expect from a dating or hookup site. Before we get into the operational performance of Top Face, it is important to provide you with a little background. When you dig into the “About Us” section on their website they proudly boast that “over 50 percent of Top Face users are not from Russia.” We found that statement to be somewhat unusual.It is rare for a company to boast about being more popular outside of its country of origin while simultaneously praising the fact that they are a Russian company. Top Face claims to have over 92 million registered users.Sites like Top Face are okay if you want to chat a little but I am not sure if you can rely on them seeking a life partner.

i was scammed and lied to bye someone who seed that they where a women when in real life she was a guy and he scammed me out of 2400.14.

They make an attempt to call you to convince you they are real but the reception is as if you were talking to someone on the top of Mt. Thus 100% fraudulent and site should be closed down. so not a true apps The site owners only want your money, they are not interested for you to meet anybody. Its true what they say - what works for one doesnt always work for all.

Every time I send a girl my number, all the messeges,likes and visits from that person gets deleted,like she never existed,like i was talking to myself. I've tried this app for 7 days and I realized that the majority of the profiles are FAKE. I'm going to try as a few reviews say it's much better than the other sites that are available, so feeling optimistic about that one. In my opinion nothing compares to reputable and well established dating sites like Mingle2day or Be2 if you really want to find real and authentic people for a serious relationship.

I bought vip every girl profile i met it goes this way-for short they will ask you for your hangouts account then they add you and they act like they know you 20years and they are in love with you they ask for sincerity but they are not sincere,if you ask them for a voice or video call they will ask you to buy them a new phone because their phone is too old(funny) they have to buy a new phone with cam.. If you ask them for a pics they send you very profesional photos that shows they are not real girls.

Please stay away from this app if you have paid for vip status please unsubscribe because they will charge you every single month if you dont unsubscribe and delete subrbscription.

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