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Such treads and steps are purported to collectively account for ~2000 m of relief in the southern Sierra Nevada, California, implying that the mechanisms behind the formation of stepped topography may also account for development of mountain-scale relief in granitic landscapes.

This suggests that the coupling between soil production and denudation in granitic landscapes harbors a crucial tipping point; if soils are stripped to bedrock, erosion slows and soil formation is restrained to the point that bare rock can persist and rise in relief relative to surrounding soil-mantled terrain.

Contrary to one of the main underpinnings of Wahrhaftig’s hypothesis, our observations suggest that the presence or absence of soil cannot be predicted from hillslope gradients alone.

The Walker, Truckee, and Carson rivers drain the western part of Nevada.

The canyon carved by the mighty Colorado, the river that forms the extreme southeastern boundary of the state, is the site of Nevada's lowest elevation, 479 ft (146 m).

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