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Moving on, we queued for a pretty long time in the Empire State Building and went through yet another security check, we finally made it to the elevators which quickly brought us up to the 80th floor, for the next six floors we took the stairs to avoid a 20 minute wait for the next elevator.Eventually, we were rewarded with some awesome views of New York, and were able to get some great photos of the Get ALife (Met Life) building, Chrysler Building, Flatiron building and Times Square tower, among many others.We would soon be invited up to the penthouse suite on the top floor at around 8PM.Once inside we were greeted with more awesome views of the city, and more excitingly, 10 large televisions, 6 of them with a PS3 hooked up, and 4 with an Xbox 360.After queuing for ages and going through a fairly pointless security check, we finally boarded the boat.We went straight up to the top deck of the boat which allowed us to get some pretty good shots of the skyline and bridges, as well as the Statue of Liberty itself on approach to it.We were asked to all get around the sofa so we could be shown the introduction to GTA IV.

The fact they needed all this time just goes to prove how much content the game really contains.

We had an early start on Monday, Alison was taking us around New York to do some tourist type stuff.

I barely got any sleep the night before despite having an insanely comfy bed, I just wasn't tired for some reason.

After the 1.13 mile walk over Brooklyn Bridge we stopped at Grimaldi's, a pizzeria, apparently the best in New York according to Alison. We soon made our way to the subway station in order to get to our next destination, the Empire State Building.

The subway by the way, is full of interesting people, one such person was a guy trying selling passengers packs of batteries which looked as if he had found them on the floor and wrapped them in plastic himself, obviously nobody paid attention to the man!

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