Dating your ex husband

When they first started seeing each other my ex would message me with ' I love you and miss you', he said he was only with her because he was lonely but he wanted me back.

He kept trying to get me to come over for sex, even after they decided to move in together!

I really hope she’s okay, and same for the woman dating your ex-husband I admire your class.

His last text was about 2 moths ago saying 'i truely believe with all my heart that you don't want this divorce'. I found out later that his new girlfriend was out of town when he sent that to me.

I could be telling her all of this, after everything she has done and said to me, if I wanted to be petty because all of the messages and emails are still in my phone but I dont care to.

I know my ex is jealous and still bitter because I'm the one who left him.

He sees it as a form of losing and he absolutely hates to lose.

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Not a lot of women have that today, especially when it comes to being with a divorced man.

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