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On-fault trenches provide direct evidence for fault displacement, but generally do not allow the distinction between seismic and aseismic slip.

This period of quiescence was preceded by a cluster of earthquakes that generated closely spaced seismites at the end of the Maya Classic Period, which damaged several Maya cities.

We explore the implications of this record for the seismic behavior of the plate boundary, the demise of the Classic Maya civilization, and the likelihood of future major earthquakes.

In Guatemala, two major structures, the Motagua and Polochic faults (Fig.

The floodplain of Chicochoc Creek in Agua Blanca (Fig.

3) exposes a regular alternation of paleosols and sandy-gravelly alluvium layers, crosscut by the active trace of the Polochic fault (Fig. At this specific site the Polochic fault is defined by one single vertical plane that directly juxtaposes tilted gravel alluvium to stacked paleosols (Fig. Juxtaposition of the gravels and soils requires at least a meter-scale slip on the fault plane.

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