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When someone tells you that they are bisexual, they are not volunteering to be your sociology subject, they do not owe you an explanation, and they most certainly do not owe you the minute details of their sex life.I was wholly unprepared for the words that fluttered out of my 12-year-old daughter’s mouth three years ago.Just like everyone else, some bisexual folks are very open about their personal life and some are very private.Maybe a crowded bar isn't the best place to figure out what kind of questions will or will not be welcomed.When you call someone out, you may be called too sensitive or too politically correct.Especially insidious are the questions that people ask when you come out as bisexual.

My bisexuality is perceived as illegitimate or as a passing phase, whether or not I am in a committed relationship. People cannot believe that a woman who has enjoyed sex with men, could ever be happy without it. " My current partner's mother has asked her this question." Once again, there is a common theme to these questions.I am not just waiting for the perfect male sexual partner to make me realize that I'm not really attracted to women. It was not her first time being with a bisexual woman, or hearing a question like that.The big issues are relatively easy to talk about; the right to marry, access to education, access to financial services, the right to feel safe on the streets, etc.These are all hugely important injustices that must be addressed.

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