Daughter dating loser boyfriend apple stock backdating scandal

How can you put your trust in the hands of a man who is not realistic about how he plans to take care of himself? Do you leave home and he’s there and when you return he is still there to notify you that he “heard” about some job openings and he knows what you should cook for dinner?

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Does he not actively try to be in his children’s life from a previous girlfriend or ex-wife?

Let’s just say when you have a baby you should know what to expect.5.

She seemed to be getting her life together-had a full time job at a school, bought a vehicle, was going to school to eventually get her teaching degree. All I know is, we really want our adult children to get a good solid future going so we can settle back and relax a bit.

I have a real 'gut' feeling that he is 'abusing' her-maybe not physically, but emotionally. I have a 24 year old daughter who only dates the loser type you describe.

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