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He inherited retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease that has sapped his vision over the decades just like it did his father’s.

But it hasn’t deterred the son from pursuing what he loves most.

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Hunt likes to say he got into wine making because it combines all of his passions — dining, friends, music.

The good-time proprietor relishes any opportunity to bring them together, which visitors to his Hunt Cellars tasting room in Paso Robles immediately discover while perusing labels that read Unforgettable, Hilltop Serenade and Imagine.

They ask if he plays piano for her every night and she always has a witty comeback. “He plays every night until 12 or 1 o’clock in the morning. When he arrived in Los Angeles in 1970, Hunt was an aspiring rock frontman from a poor family in Lexington, N. As one of seven children, he followed his older sister, Sandra Hunt, the wife of famed sports announcer Vin Scully, to California where he eventually made his fortune.

But before cashing in on early “smart” home technologies and real estate development, Hunt says he appeared on “The Dating Game.” He didn’t get the girl, but he married a model from Orange County.

As the lyric to that song, “Oldie But Goodie,” goes, it “gets better with age.” Watching him tickle the ivories with the confidence of a true showman, it’s easy to forget Hunt is blind.

However, many of Hunt's beliefs, such as his emphasis on "deciding for Christ" (i.e., cooperating with the grace of justification), and his balanced understanding of the action of the Holy Spirit inspiring Christians to strengthen their faith and commitment to Christ, coincide with Catholic teaching.

New Oxford Review 30-35 New Oxford Review, Inc., January 1999 It has been observed, by Catholics with dismay and by others with satisfaction, that in America sizable numbers of Catholics are leaving Catholicism for fundamentalism.

If we are to be effective in bringing them back to the Catholic fold, we have to distinguish the authentic Christian content of their Christ-centered conversion from its anti-Catholic accretions and misinterpretations.

Curiously, in a recent book on Catholic-Protestant issues. Armstrong tells how he first realized that the common evangelical call to "make a decision for Christ" is actually more Catholic than Protestant (in the strictly Reformed sense): I will never forget the first time I led a young man into a decision, not realizing then that such evangelistic methodology is more Roman Catholic than genuinely evangelical, only to ask him the so-called follow-up question, "Where is Christ right now?

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