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“I saw a gentleman come out of the bushes carrying a blanket and a young girl with him,” Marshall testified. Part of that decision against him related to the fact that he was on the lam for several months in late 2017.

Kuntz-Angel was known in Chilliwack and in various communities all the way to Ontario for his compulsion to pretend he is David Lee Roth, the former lead singer of Van Halen.

But the singer was more about being wild n’ crazy, not tough n’ buff." data-reactid="48"Van Halen performed the song from 1984 after the premiere of Taylor Swift’s new video. Guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen sported his typical grey t-shirt, grey beard and jeans, but visually the performance was all about Roth.

But the singer was more about being wild n’ crazy, not tough n’ buff.

Unpredictable as always, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth kept his checkered vest on during the band’s Billboard Music Awards performance of “Panama,” but he shook things up Vegas-style by making a sexual innuendo to Nicki Minaj during the song.

He didn’t directly sing, “Be my woman girl, I’ll be your man,” as David Guetta did in “Hey Mama” – the song that Minaj was scheduled to perform live later on the same stage – but Roth implied he’d at least settle for a quickie when he sang, “I’m gonna reach down between my legs and I’m gonna get Nicki Minaj to help me ease my seat back.” (This was a little addition to the original lyric, which as all rock fans knows is the anonymous “reach down between my legs, ease the seat back.”) did come “burnin’ down the avenue” when she took the stage a little while later. " data-reactid="31"Who knew Diamond Dave carried a torch for Her Minajesty?

Janzen reported it to the lifeguard who did not do anything. “I said ‘Hey, you know there are cameras in here and you need to be more careful of what you are doing.

Whether the rivalry between frontmen is more in the hearts of the fans than the singers is arguable, but Hagar admitted to Planet Rock in a recent interview that the competition "wasn't even a blip on my radar."The Red Rocker is understanding of Diamond Dave's significance to the Van Halen legacy, but doesn't think highly of the split-kicking singer's creative abilities.

“And that used to kind of work, but now Dave doesn’t want to come to the table.

And while he was at it, Van Halen threw some shade toward longtime bassist Michael Anthony, who parted ways with the band in 2006 and was replaced by Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang.

The alleged victim of ongoing underage sexual interference spent eight days on the witness stand last month with the help of a support dog in a trial that isn’t done yet.

David Paul Kuntz-Angel, who has several other aliases including David Lee Roth, is charged with underage sexual interference dating back more than a decade.

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