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“My footprint is bigger than average but less than it could be,” he says.

“I try and take every action I can.”) He asked Mike Rose, the man in the apron, how the construction of the Plastiki prototype was going.

morning last June, David de Rothschild, a thirty-year-old heir to the European banking fortune, arrived on his bicycle at Pier 31, a vast, hangarlike building that juts from the Embarcadero into San Francisco Bay, in the city’s North Beach district.

De Rothschild, who has a beard and shoulder-length brown hair, was wearing a flower-patterned shirt, low-slung corduroys, a belt with a skull-and-crossbones buckle, and flip-flops.

“But what hopefully happens is that people, when they dig a little deeper, will see that there’s a merit in the content, past just the name.”To de Rothschild’s right was the dramatic span of the Bay Bridge; to his left, the outcropping of Alcatraz Island.

In August, 2002, when he was twenty-three, he competed in the Escape from the Rock Triathlon—which included a thirteen-mile bicycle ride, a two-and-a-half-mile run, and a one-and-a-half-mile swim, from the prison island to the mainland. “If it was normal or easy, everyone would be out here in a plastic-bottle boat.”De Rothschild may be the latest incarnation of the British adventurer-explorer, a hardy and eccentric breed that includes men like Sir Richard Francis Burton, who travelled vast tracts of Asia and Africa in the eighteen-hundreds, dabbled in hypnotism and alternative medicine, was an expert fencer, and translated “The Arabian Nights” from the original Arabic; and Sebastian Snow, who, in 1951, helped locate the source of the Amazon while touring South America on a balsa-wood raft, singing the “Eton Boating Song.” But Snow undertook his explorations largely for his own amusement, and the great Victorian-era explorers typically conducted theirs under the auspices of the Royal Geographical Society, an institution with imperialist ambitions.

De Rothschild has enlisted twenty-five people to help him realize his vision—consultants to design solar panels, wind turbines, and stationary bikes (to power batteries that would run small motors), along with a system to produce potable water from seawater and a “separating toilet,” so that the crew’s solid and liquid waste can be converted into fertilizer.

“We were talking about the possibility of shrink-wrapping the hulls with Saran Wrap to hold the bottles still.”“It’s a thought,” de Rothschild said, without enthusiasm. You could put anything under there.”He stepped through a doorway at the end of the pier and looked broodingly over the bay.He is also one of just a handful of people to have skied to both the North and South geographic Poles.(These feats earned him inclusion in the National Geographic Society’s 2007 class of Emerging Explorers.) But Plastiki is of a different order of difficulty and danger from anything he has attempted before.Even so, the boat, whose top speed is expected to be about ten knots, and whose steering system will allow only minimal maneuverability, may not be fast enough to dodge a Pacific cyclone, which can measure a thousand miles across.De Rothschild, arriving at the far end of the pier, hopped off his bike—he does not own a car.

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