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A health professional can diagnose these in consultation with individuals. People often think the betrayal of infidelity affects only the partners involved.

Building trust in relationships can be hard work at the best of times. Yet the mistrust and hurt from infidelity can affect us in all kinds of relationships.

How you trust other people depends a lot on your experiences throughout life – from the time you’re in the womb even.

When talking about relationships and trust issues, trust refers to the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone.

Even more so if you have experience betrayals of your trust in the past. If we were aware as children of infidelity between parents or other adults it may affect our trust later.

We can have difficulty trusting ourselves, and others, if we have been the cheater or cheated.

In most people’s case, they aren’t really happy and this unhappiness manifests in other aspects of their life.

Can you build your level of trust in a relationship? Trust is something that builds over time, it is often not given freely at first, as too many people have been in the situation in which their trust was misplaced.

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