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I'd always hate myself for not being a strong enough reason for her to stay.You really need to love yourself before you can love someone else.That it carries a stigma doesn't do you any favours either.The diagnosis for depression itself is purely clinical.There is no physical test for it; no way to actually depression it's more accurate to describe your feelings when you do become depressed, however it is you experience it.

You don't have to disclose your personal medical issues to someone immediately, especially considering that the first date could be the last for a variety of reasons.Rather than framing your struggles into one all-defining word it'd be easier to simply explain how you feel some days without ever mentioning the word "depression".Unless he himself has struggled with depression the word itself will fall on deaf ears.I actually was about to date a girl with depression. She could have easily died, maybe taken someone with her.Yes, I know how it feels to not care about your life and take your chances despite a large risk death. Should I start dating her and she do something stupid like that again, that'd be the worst thing to happen to me.

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