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They find them selves with feelings that they are in the worst possible situation in their life at that time.This leads most to act in desperate ways:• a one-night stand,• calling the ex• ignoring intuitive warnings• jumping into a bad relationship• etc…Then hang this list somewhere in the house where it is visible.Start sharing this list with your new found friends and ask them for honest feedback.Just imagine after 15 years or more of waking up besides the person you shared your life with, you suddenly find yourself greeting the mornings alone again.

For others it could be trying something new or even doing something out of their comfort zone.

Being available again makes them wonder how to enter the playing field of meeting other singles.

Having been in a relationship for a long time, entering the singles market can be a daunting experience.

Freshly redesigned, with a new cheerful and appealing front page, it grants access to more than 4.3 million members all over UK on a private and secure platform.

Women get special treatment as they are in for free and men have plenty of reasons to join them.

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