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And if you're open minded on age, then you're only increasing your odds. There's someone out there who will tickle your fancy! Dating based on common interests is still the best idea Some things might have changed in the world of dating over the last few years, but the fundamentals of human attraction haven't changed since people were sitting down to a nice first date plate of woolly mammoth.You're more likely to find a suitable partner if you join activities, groups and clubs based on your personal interests.

You might find love, and at the very least you may have some fun!One of the great advantages of growing older is that the older you get, the younger you feel. Researchers in the US found that whereas 25% of the under 30s surveyed felt older than they actually were, only 3% of the over 65s did.In fact, 30% of the respondents who were aged between 65 and 75 felt between 10 and 19 years younger than they actually were, and one in six felt more than 20 years younger.A simple, safe, and easy way to chat with people on the large screen, right from your favourite chair. Older people looking for love have been targeted by criminals posing as potential dates who then ask for money (for travel or because of fictional emergencies). So if you're single and wondering about getting back out into the dating scene, what's stopping you?Entering the dating pool after 55 doesn't have to be about a fumble behind the bike sheds or a wild night out clubbing (unless you want it to be, of course).

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