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Arbitrary Deprivation of Life and other Unlawful or Politically Motivated Killings During the year there were no verified reports that the government or its agents committed politically motivated killings.

There were reports, however, of security force involvement in unlawful killings.

El Salvador’s Phase 2 review demonstrates their high level of commitment to the international standard for transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes with an overall rating of “Largely Compliant”.

Other human rights problems included harsh and potentially life-threatening prison conditions; lengthy pretrial detention; restrictions on freedom of speech and press; trafficking in persons; migrant smuggling, including of unaccompanied children; and discrimination against persons with disabilities and persons with HIV/AIDS.

Municipal and legislative elections held in March 2015 were generally free and fair.

Election results were delayed, however, due to problems with the transmission, tabulation, and public dissemination of the vote count under the management of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

These obligations are monitored by the DGII and the regulators who have a comprehensive system of oversight in place.

However, El Salvador should ensure that an appropriate mechanism in put in place to ensure the ownership information for bearer shares is available in all cases.

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