Emotionally invalidating environments

Firstly, an investigation of risk factors for BPD showed an important association between BPD and deranged family environments.

Patients with BPD experienced more separation from their parents (growing up in foster homes), experienced more criminality and violence in the family (parental violencetowards children, or spousal violence), and parents displayed inappropriate rearing styles with less care and affection towards their children [4].

Also, the clinical sample used in the study presented with a restricted upper-bound range of symptoms, thus limiting generalizability.

Results: Only maternal invalidation was positively correlated with severity of BPD symptoms.Adolescent; Borderline personality disorder; Family environment Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is an important mental health problem defined by a pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects.It is further characterized by impulsivity, recurrent suicidal behaviours or selfmutilation, chronic feelings of emptiness, and intense emotional reactivity and anger [1,2] widely accepted biosocial etiological model of BPD posits that borderline traits develop as a function of inherent deficits in emotion regulation systems combined with dysfunctional environments.Adolescence is marked by changes in social situations and the experience of less positive and more negative and intense emotions [8].Yet the psychic pain, desperation, and high risk for suicide are not typical during this period [9], and research is increasingly demonstrating that BPD can be reliably identified in adolescence, which can permit early and appropriate intervention before symptoms become consolidated [10,11].

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