Error occurred updating password database aix

Here are the files that I think need changed and what I have set them to.

No matter what I try with these files I am unable to see the results I am after. Hello I have just started using unix /ubanti and want to know how i can change permissions on my second hard drive. It used to be my winxp hard drive and i'd like to use it for things.

I tried to write it as general as possible to use it for other projects and integrations as well.

Therefore I'm building an update statement on demand, which ends up with this: import mysql.connector as mariadb conn = mariadb.connect(host='localhost', user='***', password='***', database='***', port=3306) cursor=conn.cursor(prepared=True) sqlcmd = "UPDATE aix_resourcegroups SET aix_rg_current_host=%(current_node)s, aix_rg_dns=%(dns)s, aix_rg_cluster=%(cluster_name)s, aix_rg_ip=%(ip)s, aix_rg_label=%(label)s WHERE aix_rg_name=%(resourcegroup)s" data= cursor.execute(sqlcmd, data) ERROR: 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your Maria DB server version for the right syntax to use near '%(current_node)s, aix_rg_dns=%(dns)s, aix_rg_cluster=%(cluster_name)s, aix_rg_ip' at line 1 , but since I have to take control over the order of values to update (got once already rubbish in my table) I thought it might me a good idea to switch to named values (or however this might be called). Also hints on how to get the full executed SQL command through the cursor might be helpful.

Don spaulding Continued at Problem with accessing my 2nd...

I'm trying to change the helo sent from one of my sendmail servers.

I have a RHEL 5 server that I can log into with an LDAP account hosted on a server running Sun DSEE 6.3 with an ssh key pair but not with my username and password.

Update DBM cfg SYSADM_GROUP errcode = 8 DBI1281E The database manager configuration file could not be initialized.

Cause Corruption with user password history file occurs due to various reasons and causes users and administrators not to allow a change to user passwords.

pwdhist File Purpose Contains password history information.

Overview: The pwdhist File Purpose is to maintain password history information.

Description: The /etc/security/and /etc/security/files are database files created and maintained by Database Manager (DBM) subroutines.

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Using simple tools to solve complex problems is not sportsmanlike, is it? in case of possiblity 2 the way to rebuild the user database is not included in SMIT as far as i know.

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