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The usual answer to this question is to turn formulas to automatic. The second usual answer is that there is some macro that is affecting the Excel settings. When I put new information in Main Copy, the value on this page stayed the same.

The formula is: Everything else is updating in the spreadsheet. The value displayed is the value before I updated the information on Main Copy.

Visit Stack Exchange On our companies Exchange 2010 server, the most recently created mailboxes do not show up in the offline address book.

I found that the oab is distributed via IIS's default website under 'oab'.

The location of the logs is controlled by the Queue Database Logging Path parameter in the same file.

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The ms Exch User Account Control attribute should be set automatically by the Recipient Update Service (RUS).

The RUS is complicated and I can't do much troubleshooting this way but it's at least a lead for you.The only other settings that I could see which were not set in the new accounts but set in the existing one related to the address books. However, The GAL is not updating either and attempting to enter those address book settings directly with ADSIedit resulted in a "User not found".Perhaps coincidentally, although I suspect not, starting yesterday using Message Tracking Center on my XP workstation is now ending with an "Access denied" error, ID 80070005.Visit Stack Exchange First up, we don't change staff or accounts much where I work, so this problem may have started any time in the last 3 or 4 months.We're running an AD domain using Server 2003R2 and Exchange 2003. Yesterday I create 3 new AD accounts, complete with mailboxes. When I tried to send test messages to those accounts I discovered that the mailboxes were not created at all.

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