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Each individual company has their own CEO and corporate level staff that will continue to report to the board of directors of Federal-Mogul Holding Corporation.The company expects the split to be completed in the first half of 2015 pending regulatory approval.Federal-Mogul Motorparts sells and distributes products under more than 20 brands in the global vehicle aftermarket, including ANCO wiper blades; Bentley-Harris protection solutions; Champion spark plugs, wipers and filters, BERU glow plugs; AE, Fel-Pro, Goetze, Nural, Glyco and Payen engine products; MOOG steering and suspension parts; and Ferodo and Wagner brake products.Basham, Ringe y Correa, Eversheds, Wolftheiss, Demarest and Gianni, Origoni and Grippo Cappelli & Partners advised on the deal A USD 27,3 million Stock and Asset Purchase Agreement was signed by Federal-Mogul Motorparts LLC (subsidiaries and affiliates) and KTRI Holdings Inc. Basham, Ringe y Correa’s corporate team, through Eversheds US, helped Federal Mogul Motorparts LLC in reviewing the Stock and Asset Purchase Agreement and the closing documents in regard of the Mexican part of the business that was going to be transferred. We review the bankruptcy court's conclusions of law de novo and its findings of fact for clear error. an affirmative act of assumption by the trustee is required to bring the property into the estate in order to ensure that the estate is not charged with the liabilities except upon due deliberation." Cheadle v. We also reject Compass' alternative argument, that a factual dispute over whether it possessed such property after December 1984 rendered summary judgment improper. Section 542(a) "plainly applies to estate property that was possessed by anyone 'during the case,' whether or not they still have it." Redfield v. The affidavit incorporated and referred to answers to interrogatories, affidavits and depositions which were attached to it. We affirm the decision of the district court, which affirmed the bankruptcy court. A material fact is genuine if "the evidence is such that a reasonable jury could return a verdict for the nonmoving party." Anderson v. "Because executory contracts and leases involve future liabilities as well as rights, ... "The debtor's decision to assume is not a unilateral decision, but rather, is subject to the court's approval." Sea Harvest Corp. Riviera Land Co., 868 F.2d 1077, 1079 (9th Cir.1989); see also 11 U. The March 9 agreement constituted an executory contract because "performance remain[ed] due to some extent on both sides." See Bildisco, 465 U. See Sea Harvest Corp., 868 F.2d at 1079; Bildisco, 465 U. We reject this contention because the March 9 agreement was never authorized by the bankruptcy court. In granting summary judgment against Compass and Mogul, the bankruptcy court relied on an affidavit submitted by Richard Mc Donald, counsel for Innsbruck.

Turner & Newall was responsible for the Armley asbestos disaster in Leeds, UK. Under the March 9 agreement, Orlando retained Innsbruck's rent for the premises plus 2% of its gross sales and paid this money over to Compass. Debtors cannot bind their bankrupt estates to pre-petition executory contracts and leases. § 365(a) (the trustee, with the approval of the court, is entitled to assume or reject executory contracts of the debtor). In the absence of a court order authorizing an assumption, the payment of Innsbruck's money from the operation of its restaurant to Compass, after Innsbruck had filed for bankruptcy, was improper and subject to turnover as property of the estate. Compass contends the order requiring it to deliver restaurant equipment is invalid because there are disputed factual issues as to whether it is entitled to store that property in accordance with the terms of the March 9 agreement. Despite its awareness of the bankruptcy, Compass failed to deliver this property to the trustee. Compass argues the bankruptcy court erred in requiring it to pay damages of 2,905 because, under NLRB v. Under that agreement, Innsbruck remained in possession of Compass' property and continued to operate its restaurant on those premises from the time it filed its petition in bankruptcy until September 16, 1984. Whether or not Innsbruck assumed the March 9 agreement, an issue we need not decide, it is uncontested that the bankruptcy court failed to authorize the assumption of that agreement. It is undisputed that Compass was in possession of restaurant equipment belonging to Innsbruck after it discovered the pending bankruptcy. 513 (1984) (Bildisco ), Innsbruck voluntarily complied with the terms of a March 9, 1984 agreement with Orlando. The admissibility and sufficiency of the answers to interrogatories, affidavits and depositions which were attached as exhibits to Mc Donald's affidavit are uncontested.

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Federal Mogul established a research division in 1929, with the help of Battelle Memorial Institute.

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