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These parcels travelled by government store ships and transports.This service was the forerunner of the Military Forwarding Office (MFO) service which still exists today.After complaints about the mail services to the British troops fighting in the Crimean War (1854–56) the Postmaster General authorised the secondment of GPO staff to organise and distribute mail in the theatre of war.

At the end of World War I (1914–18), the Royal Engineers (Postal Section) along with the Royal Air Force (RAF) helped to pioneer international airmail services, by setting up airmail routes between Folkestone, England and Cologne (Köln), Germany to service the British Army of the Rhine.Early forms of military mail may go back to the dawn of civilization.There is some evidence of it dating back to Ancient Egypt of the 2nd millennium BC.One of our agents will help you through the refund or replacement process.Military mail, as opposed to civilian mail, refers to the postal services provided by armed forces that allow serving members to send and receive mail.

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