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Note that this applies restrictions to a separate non-admin user account; the main admin account will still be able to access all the sites it wants to.We'll assume here that you haven't already set up a separate user account for your kids or whoever isn't supposed to be looking at the sites, but if you have - and that account simply needs to have web-access restrictions placed on it - then we'll explain which steps to skip.

Some families need help clamping down on screen time.Open System Preferences - from the dock, or via the apple icon at the top-left corner of the screen - then select Parental Controls. If you can't see it (and in some versions of Mac OS X the icon will be different), remember that you can find preferences sub-categories using the search field at the top right.Since we haven't yet set up our child-friendly, non-administrator user account, the Parental Controls screen doesn't have much to offer.Some folks are cool with spot-checks on their kids' devices.Wherever you are in your search, this guide can help you make sense of the wide array of options for managing your family's devices.

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