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You will notice them flicking at their hair or constantly trying to fake a catwalk.

This is because they still have the male genes which they are working hard to suppress.

You would be fooled with ease if you base your judgment on facial appearance alone because they are just as pretty – if not more pretty – as the females.

For a westerner planning to visit Thailand either to fall in love or for a vacation, there are ways you can tell the difference between Thai ladies and Thai Ladyboys.

* Females are females and they do not need to act it for you to know.

You can also specify whether you are looking for a man, a woman and / or a ladyboy, which size you prefer with your partner and how old he may be approximately.

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* Thai Ladyboy is usually very tall beyond what can be perceived as the average for females.

Although a handful of women in Thailand are taller than 180cm, the majority of Thai Ladyboys go well beyond this height.

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