French dating and marriage culture

With that in mind, there is truth to the myth that French men are great lovers and kissers.It doesn’t imply that they are above the rest though, just that they are really expressive and passionate when it comes to romanticism and showing love.Despite the 16% less in working hours, France still manages to stay on par with its neighbors.

In 2013, cigarette sales dropped by 7.6%—that’s about 4 billion less cigarettes than the previous year.Maybe not, maybe yes…But they at least have their basis, right? What made them label the French as too lazy, work-shy, inefficient and unmotivated?From an economic standpoint, French men are deemed lazy because they get paid high wages but they only worked three hours a day.Given the world’s presumption that the French have some God-given sex appeal and talent for romance, it seems logical to believe the myth that French men’s favorite sport other than football is having several lovers or mistresses at the same time. For the sake of comparison, let’s see how the French fared compared with their neighbors.After the highly trivialized and publicized affair of President François Hollande, a poll was conducted throughout Europe.

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Do you know the French men as much as you think you do?

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