Friend dating my ex quotes

Clearly a bit tipsy, she leaned in: “I know Mike, too,” she said (his name and others have been changed throughout the story).

Maybe I wasn’t the only one taking digital deep dives.

Nontobeko Sibiya “ You can choose to be happy or sad and whichever you choose that is what you get.

Mike and I had a six-year on-and-off history, and I recognized Kellie from the Facebook photos during one of our off periods.

Despite the facts — I’d moved on and she was in a long-term relationship with someone else — I felt annoyed catching her in line for the bar bathroom.

Multiple threads, really, because we didn’t just choose Mike — he chose us.

We’d both passed through whatever filtration system he had in place, dating-wise.

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What a relief: It wasn’t Kellie, it wasn’t me, it was just Mike.

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