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William also, in high contrast to Gabe, takes almost everything way TOO seriously, from his music to random games of 20 questions. ‘Cause I don’t see a Greckett, or a Treckgabe..." There's a track in Cobra's first cd called "It's Warmer in the Basement," which is where the common joke of "Gabe's basement" comes from in fandom, and maybe why some people wrongly think he's creepy. but i kinda got kicked out of the hotel, so i had to sneak into william's room for the last night. the truth is i ate all the pringles from the minibar and didnt have the cash to pay for it, so they wouldnt let me stay an extra night. In a video where Gabe, Alex and Ryland are answering fan questions, somebody asks how Gabe feels about the rumors involving him and William.

Gabe helps him lighten up, and there are almost NO pictures or videos where they're together where Gabe isn't making William smile at some point. Anyway, Gabe: "This song is about loving a girl so much you want to keep her tied up in the basement and not share her with the rest of the world. Little snuggle buddy." Ryland: "That’s where they wrote the song. There's a lot of body language to look out for if you find this video.

Born Ryland Sharp, his last name was changed to Blackinton at age 6 when his mother remarried Dennis Blackinton and he adopted Ryland, along with his younger brothers Alex and Connor.

The Blackintons moved to Massachusetts and lived there for several years.

I have never heard of him being anything but funny and friendly towards people.

It's based on the fact that they are utterly adorable together: When William comes out to sing his part in Snakes On a Plane, Gabe will often scream "Give it up for my boy William Beckett! " right before the chorus, saying William's his best friend, sharing microphones when they both already have them, being huge dorks together, ass-smacking, holding up signs that say "I love Gabe"(William) and "I love William"(Gabe), making finger-hearts, stealing each other's stuff, there are about a million pictures of them hugging(there are some super sweet and cute ones♥), they do arms around shoulders, cheek-kisses, and even as far as Gabe eating chocolate out of William's belly-button and them kissing. P with Cobra where they don't touch at some point, whether in a casual way, a suggestive way, or just to let Gabe know he's leaving.

While in high school, Blackinton played with a few different bands, but he rarely stayed in any of them for very long.

It was also in high school that Blackinton began his involvement with theatre.

He inspired and originated the character of Declan Hennessey in Jason Chimonides' The Optimist, which premiered as a workshop production during FSU's New Horizon Play Festival on June 12, 2004.

(Blackinton has gone on to play Hennessey at least two more times—at a table read in New York in 2005, and again for one week of Ground UP Productions' performance of The Optimist in April 2008.) Other college productions Blackinton was involved in include Leopold and Loeb, a stage adaptation of a 1920s murder case.

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You'll almost never see a video where William comes to perform S. William has known Gabe pretty much since he graduated from high school, and he even saw Gabe's old band Midtown, met Gabe, and TAI... I'm going to break down some unfair thoughts on them: often in fics, they are portrayed unpleasantly, of even if not, not anything like how they really are.

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