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Find out below how many smartphones are in the world as well as exactly how many people have a cell phone.

According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are now over 5.13 Billion people with mobile devices worldwide, – This means that 66.53% of the world’s population have a mobile device (cell phone, tablet or cellular enabled Io T devices.) According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are now over 8.97 Billion mobile connections worldwide, which surpasses the current world population of 7.71 Billion implied by UN digital analyst estimates.

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The United Arab Emirates has the highest smartphone penetration with 82.2% of its population owning a smartphone, whereas Bangladesh has the lowest user to population ratio at 5.40%.

When looking at how many people have smartphones in the world, the majority of the mobile market growth and penetration can be attributed to the ever-increasing adoption of the smartphone lead by Apple and Samsung.

If you’re looking to find out how many phones are in the world, this interactive map and data table below demonstrates the top 50 global markets for smartphones forecasted in 2015-2020.

The penetration figures are calculated through the population and individuals within that market that interact with a smartphone on a monthly basis e.g.

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