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At least two or three gay players, each unaware of the other, living in different parts of the country, with different sets of friends and agents, each contemplating the same thing: coming out. Until it didn't.***The question now is: What happened?That period was, as one gay-rights advocate described it, "the spring of optimism for the NFL and gay rights." There was a feeling that the NFL was on the verge of crossing this significant barrier. In considering possible answers, it's important to know five things.The league plans to carefully and deliberately make the atmosphere more tolerant and comfortable in the meantime, setting the stage for when that happens.The NFL actually wants an openly gay player because it would be one of the last barriers broken in the sport and show professional football as a tolerant sport. Another league-office executive said the NFL is ready now. "The league would give the player and his team all the support necessary."In response to this story the NFL issued a statement saying all players are protected by the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy.

Some months later, it's possible Ayanbadejo may have been right.One team official gave an example of why there is such fear.He posed a question: What if a gay player came out in a place like the Dolphins locker room, where there was allegedly severe hazing?First: Estimates of how many gay players are in the NFL range widely, but some of them, from people intimately familiar with the league, are far higher than might be assumed by the outside public.Players and team executives give totals ranging from several dozen to several hundred.

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A manual given to every player during training camp includes language about violent or threatening behavior between employees inside and outside of the workplace.

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