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It was the only way a woman could inherit her family's wealth, which was particularly important in a society in which blood feuds (gjakmarrja) resulted in the deaths of many male Albanians, leaving many families without male heirs.(However, anthropologist Mildred Dickemann suggests this motive may be "over-pat", pointing out that a non-child-bearing woman would have no heirs to inherit after her, and also that in some families not one but several daughters became sworn virgins, and in others the later birth of a brother did not end the sworn virgin's masculine role.Other terms for a sworn virgin include, in English, Albanian virgin or avowed virgin; in Albanian: burrnesha, vajzë e betuar (most common today, and used in situations in which the parents make the decision when the person is a baby or child), and various words cognate with "virgin" – virgjineshë, virgjereshë, verginesa, virgjin, vergjinesha; and in Turkish, sadik, meaning "honest, just".a set of codes and laws developed by Lekë Dukagjini and used mostly in northern Albania and Kosovo from the 15th century until the 20th century.However, it is sometimes possible to take back the vows if the reasons or motivations or obligations to family which lead to taking the vow no longer exist.There are many reasons why someone might take this vow, and observers recorded a variety of motivations.Click “Instances” on the left and then “Launch Instance”.You’ll then be shown a list of server images you can select from. Then you’ll be prompted for an Instance Type, with the free t2.micro type already selected.

National Geographic's Taboo (2002) estimated that there were fewer than 102 Albanian sworn virgins left.

After the third time setting up a server with these technologies, I started to get annoyed with having to remember all the different steps to get everything working together.

I really enjoy this combination of technologies and I want to aggregate all the steps into a single page. Sign up if needed then navigate to the main EC2 page.

If you don’t mind paying, you can select a better type at this point.

Then click “Review and Launch” then “Launch” on the following page. As the Amazon warning states, you won’t be able to download the file again. Back at the main EC2 page, you’ll now see your new Instance when you click “Instances” again.

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