Gears of war 2 stuck updating

As they prepare to load themselves into the grind lifts for insertion underground, an unknown Locust General appears and wreaks havoc amongst their ranks.

Being already strapped into pods, Marcus and Dom are forced to watch helplessly as the pod begins the launch sequence and hurtles them away.

New combat features include the ability to grab downed enemies and use them as "meat-shields", the ability to crawl to safety when seriously injured, and perform a larger variety of finishing moves on fallen enemies.

Though portions of the game retain similar small-scale set pieces as seen in the original game, Gears of War 2 also features areas that are much larger in size and scope.

We've got the scoop straight from the source, and the first change is an all new matchmaking option entitled Social Xbox Live.

The new mode is open to those who have the downloaded maps and notably allows players to join matches that are already in session, a feature that is likely to appease many While there are a ton of major updates Rod and the crew aren't done yet, they're just getting their lancers revved up.

Dizzy drives a Derrick, one of several mobile platforms used for drilling that play a key role in the upcoming operation.

Used as a troop transport that he has nicknamed Betty, Dizzy follows the convoy out to the strike zone where they are expected to launch their offensive.

Gears Of War 2 is the second game in the Gears franchise in which players once more take control of Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad to battle the Locust Horde.

A former thrashball player, Augustus "Cole Train" Cole is the heavy weapons support member of Marcus' team.

He maintains an extremely enthusiastic attitude and possesses a vibrant disposition regardless of the situation the team finds themselves in.

Tai has earned the nickname "Bulletproof," and maintains a very spiritual approach to battle.

They manage to clear out the hospital and are then informed that they are to take part in a counteroffensive against the Locust.

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Additionally, players are introduced to both new and old characters, new weaponry, new attacks and new enemies, such as Skorge and the Locust Queen Myrrah.

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