Gentoo kde updating system

The three categories kde-frameworks, kde-plasma and kde-apps have more than 300 packages and in our opinion it is common to include or remove or exchange package(s) between them with the updates, but it is normal and in most cases the solution is easy and obvious.

The first obvious solution is to remove the old package from your system: There could be problems with the ktorrent, which depends on kde-apps/syndication, but when we executed again the emerge update command we saw there was a new package for ktorrent, which depended on kde-frameworks/syndication and it was included in the emerge queue for updating!

Quiet build (redirect build output to log files): You can enable quiet builds by appending in /etc/to redirect the build output to log files in this directory, otherwise the build output is simply lost.This way you lose no functionality, you can always monitor the build output from another virtual console.Lastly, the “clean-logs” FEATURE will periodically delete old build logs (older than one week by default).Before dumping the results, I will explain how the used optimizations were achieved: Moving the build directory to RAM (tmpfs): This is easily done with the following command: So we actually mount a tmpfs instance over /var/tmp/portage (portage’s default build path), assign proper read/write privileges to the ‘portage’ user and group (preserving the original mode bits) and set a maximum size of 75% of your RAM.As a side note, tmpfs mounts act as a stack: when you umount this tmpfs instance, the original /var/tmp/portage contents will be revealed underneath (more information in this excellent article).

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