Girl forgets to turn off camera sexy

The gamer can be heard calling the woman names such as “s**t” and “wh**e” while making disparaging remarks about her vagina. A f**king w***e.”At one point in the distressing audio, the woman appears to say, “you’re raping me,” before her previously clearly discernible words become muffled.

The woman can be heard screaming, crying, and asking Ortega to “get off.” However, in the audio, Ortega tells the woman, “‘You’re a w***e. Many have speculated that the muffled sounds indicate the woman’s mouth was covered during at least a portion of the alleged attack.

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If my girlfriend’s condo complex hadn’t been so upscale, that fact wouldn’t have bothered me so much.However, those choosing to listen to the audio should use discretion.The audio is highly disturbing and includes profanity, apparent sexual assault, and may not be suitable for all viewers.With the audio stream occurring shortly after Ortega finished playing reports that while many are obviously outraged by the purported attack that took place on the Twitch live stream, others are also condemning many of the Twitch users who listened in to the alleged attack while laughing.Many Twitter users have posted links to the audio that was captured before being deleted by Twitch.

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