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A “booty call” is an acquaintance one contacts for sex sporadically where each encounter comes without the hint of a promise of a future one.

(Surprisingly, the term persists two decades after it was popularized on a 1993 Def Comedy Jam special.

“For being a guy I never called my partner or boyfriend, it was one of the healthiest relationships I’ve ever been in.” Pairings like Sarah and Sean’s, that involve feelings and expectations but not the full range implicit in a traditional romantic relationship, could have been summarized as “It’s complicated” to Facebook users of a decade ago.

In many cases, it’s also the design flaw that causes problems.“I felt anchorless and didn’t have any bandwidth,” she said. They were in a situational relationship, or situationship.“This was easy and not emotionally draining in any way.” They never went on dates, never to a restaurant or movie theater just the two of them. After nine months, Sean met someone else that he wanted to properly designate his girlfriend.A “hookup” can mean any physically intimate act, said Dainton, ranging from intense kissing to sexual intercourse (and is more used as a verb; it’s now considered mildly offensive as a noun).A “one-night stand” is a near stranger one takes to bed and never plans to intentionally see again.

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They are less—in terms of demands—than boyfriend/girlfriend relationships or same-sex equivalents, with default Saturday dates and daily text check-ins and vacations together.

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