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There is a new version available in Android Market (version 3.1.2).

Just search for "Google Maps" if you have at least the 1.5 system update (Cupcake) and install this over your current version of Maps.

I've tested this feature out and can confirm the battery level is accurate—it's exactly the battery percentage on your friend's phone when their location was last updated.

This just happens automatically, and there doesn't appear to be any way to turn it off when sharing your location.

If you’re using the i Phone or Android app Google does make it easy for you to adjust your background tracking settings and the option to hide your location updates from others.

"Bob's battery is between 50 and 75 percent." However, the feature seems to be live for more people after appearing intermittently for a few weeks, and it's more precise.

When checking a contact's location, there's now a battery icon right next to the distance.

Google promotes Latitude as a service that allows you to “See where your friends are right now” and no matter if you’re using the new Google Latitude i Phone app or Android version or updating your location from the browser Latitude can let your friends know where you are in real-time.

If you still need help understanding Google Latitude watch the Latitude video below.

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It came back to Maps last year, and an interesting new feature has rolled out.

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