Google ‘dating in your 30s’ and you’re in for a fright.

From “aching ovaries” to “sad single-dads”, “emotional baggage” and even that it’s like “sifting through garbage” it’s enough to put you off finding love completely. Consider this your permission slip to ignore the internet fear-mongering.

Whether you love the Netflix show or have never even heard of You Me Her, my latest blog considers if three’s a crowd, or the secret to true happiness. There Read more If I had a pound for every time I heard ‘but Asa, I don’t know what I want’ – I would be a very rich woman.

You Me Her tells the story of Jack and Emma Trakarsky, Read more My mission is to empower men and women to let go of guilt and shame around dating and sex. In this week’s blog I’m delving into how to figure out what you want in a partner – and get it.

The first article that came up for me was a article where one patient stated, “The first time I was intimate with someone after reconstruction…the look on his face was devastating.” Or another patient who stated, “He didn’t try to explore my scars or my boobs.” Worse still, has a post that suggests breast cancer patients “buy an irresistible dog or a quirky, irresistible car” to improve their likelihood of finding a partner.

According to the FTC, the apps collect users' birthdates, email addresses, photographs and location data.

I work with men and women Read more If there’s one thing guaranteed to cloud your judgement on a first date, it’s lust.

When your date is super hot and flirty, it’s easy to forget that you’ve only just met them.

I take a look at the scientific evidence to find out how to harness the eyes to find new love.

UCB Comedy provides us with the response to the unwanted advances of the ex-boyfriend.

Looking to find a companion or a soul mate through online dating websites?

They will come up with their own stories to try to appeal to your sensitive and romantic side.

On all occasions, the ending will be of no surprise to experts on romance scams, i.e., Mr.

Search for googledating:


As a dating coach, I’m always thrilled when I hear ‘their eyes’ in answer to the Read more You say you want love, but when it comes knocking, your defenses go straight up. It’s ok to be scared of finding love, but your fears could be stopping you from having the relationship you deserve.

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  1. It’s looking at someone and truly believing despite their flaws they are the most perfect person we’ve ever met. It’s meeting this person and even the thought of something happening to them would shake up our world so dramatically.