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The initial landscape was probably open forest with grass understorey.Lord's grant included extensive alluvial flats along Narellan Creek and these were probably soon put to cultivation for cereal and hay production.Rudd changed the perceptions of Orielton and Harrington Park as a "gentleman's seat" to that of a graziers property.He also gained control of the remaining parts of Orielton estate.Agricultural use of Orielton from the 1828 census showed cattle and sheep stocked on Dickson's properties and he cultivated land for cropping, growing cereal (wheat and barley) for milling in his mills.Dickson would probably have sited (probably the confirmed (later) house site) the main residence (manager's house) to provide an outlook and surveillance over the estate.In 1834, fifty men were working on the farm at Orielton - there would have been extensive quarters.The steam mill (three storeys high) was constructed in this period, possibly by Dickson, but most likely by the trustees.

(likely 1865) photograph from the summit of the hill to the west, shows a well-kept farm complex in an ordered estate.

Orielton is a heritage-listed former hunting, pleasure garden, farming estate, weekender, cereal cropping, flour mill and pastoral property and now horse agistment and residence located at 181 - 183 Northern Road in the south-western Sydney suburb of Harrington Park in the Camden Council local government area of New South Wales, Australia. It is also known as Orielton Farm and Orielton Homestead. It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 22 December 2006.

Edward Lord was granted 655.5 hectares (1,620 acres) in the Parish of Narellan that he then named Orielton Park in about 1815.

The Peisley family knew the Davy family who occupied Harrington Park from 1852-70.

During the early 1870s the sport of coursing (the pursuit of live hares by greyhounds across the countryside) was introduced to Orielton which became a popular activity at both the Orielton and Harrington Park estates.

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