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I’m putting Girlish Love Revolution on hold for the summer. On Sunday during week 1 or 2 go to the bus station.

I figured I would post the cheat codes as well, but since the walkthrough have taken up so much of my time, I’ll go hunting for them another time. General tips: How to unlock Ray: Unlocking Ray equals Ray’s first event.

40 exp Gifts for Ray: Bought in WTH: Key necklace – 30 exp Laptop – 40 exp Bought in Grocery Store: Isotonic Drink – 10 exp Ray’s events: 1st event: Week 1 Sunday or Week 2 Sunday.

I named my character Misa, and since the last name can’t be changed, it’s Misa Allgood. Let’s start at Intro part 3, since that is where Angelo appeared- i mean spoken..

Monday: Cinema Tuesday: Bookstore Wednesday Thursday: Gym Friday: Park Saturday Sunday: Grocery Store.

General talk: Tip: Just be nice, but get bit defensive at some points.

It’s been over half a year since my last post and to be honest I’d all but forgotten I had made this blog.

To be honest I haven’t touched a sim-date or otome game since last summer. I’ll still make walkthroughs if people want me to, but I’ll probably change the theme of this blog a bit since I really like the idea of having it, but school’s been keeping me busy. Moving on to what you all came here for 😀 Okay, so I promised that I’d hunt for the cheat codes for Heavenly Playgirl. How to use cheat codes: To be able to enter cheat codes you need to go to the WTH store in east Heavenhill and buy the key.

0 exp Ray: Did you know about that car accident a few weeks ago?

The doctor said he must cut my hair because I hit my head at the back.

0 exp Cleon: You know, my hair was longer before the accident.

0 exp – When you come back, let’s play poker again.

Week 5 Friday – Then, promise me that you’ll see me before I go.

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